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Customized gloves

Publié par Le petit atelier de Tika
Customized gloves

Christmas is fast approaching ... in just over a month we will be gathered around the turkey and opening our gifts ... This year I decided to customize a maximum the gifts. But then, I found myself taken by the time : many medical appointments and more of all, I am engaged in other activities (computer courses to children from the infant school and now to my son's classmates from the first year of elementary school, making garments for dolls, clearing the house for the sale, ...).

So I looked for faster ideas than the ones that I had planned.
And here are some of the gift ideas from the net.
Buy a simple pair of gloves in wool or polar to save time (relatively to time to knit the gloves) and embroider a pattern on it.
Several options are available to you. We can work from a pattern or work with standard embroidery points.

Customized gloves

You will find here a list of tutorials for embroidery stitches. This will allow you to make embroidery in the style of this beautiful pair of gloves.

Customized gloves

One can also follow the stitches of the wool to make a pattern. The explanation of this technique is available here.

This technique allows ethnic jacquard as we can find in many shops those days.

Customized gloves

Embroidery can be coupled with beads like on these pairs of gloves which are embroidered with beads to mimic the rings that are necessarily hidden under gloves.

Customized gloves

And finally, one last idea of embroidery on woolen gloves.

Happy stitching!

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