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I found a home-made pirate frock coat !!!

Publié par Le petit atelier de Tika
I found a home-made pirate frock coat !!!

Finally I opted for a small tutorial to turn a frock coat into a pirate jacket cheaply.
And yes I found it while tidying up the house ... it's amazing what you can store!

I customized an old coat for a costume for a live role playing game in which my best friend had to interpret a pirate captain. Fortunately he has the same stature as me so he came easily in an old jacket I had stopped wearing.

I found a home-made pirate frock coat !!!

Sleeves details

To achieve the cuffs, I used 2 rectangles the length of the bottom of the sleeve adding 2 cm for layering adding seam allowances totaling 4 cm in total.

I sewed the two rectangles right side against right side on three sides. I returned the rectangles to make a thick and rigid enough band to hold along the handle.

Then I sew the unstitched part of the rectangle on the bottom of the sleeves. Once the cuffs added, a golden cord can be sewn on the edge .

I found a home-made pirate frock coat !!!

Pockets details

Nothing complicated for pockets. Cut a pentagram as the one shown in the photo. This must be large enough to cover the pocket if there is one. If there are no pockets on the coat, take measures on another jacket for measuring the pentagram. Make a zig-zag on all sides and a hem on four sides that are not sewn on the coat.

The coat has pockets that I kept for reasons of practicality during the role play game.

I sewed the fifth side just above the existing pocket then I added the same gold cord on the cuffs.

I found a home-made pirate frock coat !!!

Buttons details

To avoid anachronisms of plastic buttons, I replaced all the buttons with ornate metal buttons to add a touch of sophistication to the coat.

I found a home-made pirate frock coat !!!

Detail of the bottom of the jacket

To end a golden lace allowed to finish the customization of the coat and make a pirate captain a richly dressed captain !!!

Hoping that it will give you ideas for Halloween costumes ...

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